PollEx for Altium: DFE
Altair PollEx

Hello PollEx for Altium newbie!

We’re happy to guide you through the first steps in your journey making PCB design right the first time with simulation.

Discover the Altair PollEx for ECAD free offering at Altair PollEx for ECAD. If you haven’t downloaded the PollEx for Altium (Win64) installer, please do so at Altair PollEx for Altium .

In this short tutorial, you’ll learn how to quickly setup a Design for Electrical (DFE) verification checks using the PollEx for Altium extension. Run the verification and export results to share for design review meetings.


For any additional support question, please send us a message at info@pcb-graphtech.com.vn.

Ready to try the full version of Altair PollEx? Get a free 60-day trial at Altair PollEx for Altium.

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PollEx for Altium: DFE
PCB GraphTech Vietnam Co., LTD, Nguyễn Ngọc Thanh 23 tháng 6, 2022
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