SOLIDWORKS® PCB — Được cung cấp bởi Altium®— Là một giải pháp thiết kế cơ điện tử/điện tử, chuyên cung cấp công nghệ thiết kế PCB tốt nhất với giải pháp cộng tác cơ điện tích hợp.



SOLIDWORKS PCB - Một công cụ thiết kế PCB chuyên nghiệp có khả năng đáp ứng nhu cầu của sản phẩm,  cho phép tính toán năng suất bạn cần để thiết kế bảng mạch in điện tử (PCB) nhanh chóng cùng với sự hợp tác độc đáo giữa các nhóm thiết kế cơ điện và 3D. SOLIDWORKS PCB cung cấp một lợi thế rõ ràng trong đó sự hợp tác ECAD-MCAD là rất quan trọng cho thành công của thiết kế sản phẩm điện tử.


Define rigid-flex regions, layers, and stack thicknesses enabling single board rigid-flex PCB design.  The rigid-flex layer stack regions can be defined with bend lines and angles and validated with 3D folding and component clearance checking to ensure layout correctness.

Manage project, design files and documentation with SOLIDWORKS PCB-PDM Connector and the SOLIDWORKS PDM-based design and data management workflow.  Securely store and index design data for fast retrieval, eliminate concerns over version control and data loss, and collaborate on design data from multiple locations.

Unmatched ECAD-MCAD integration and collaboration with SOLIDWORKS that unifies design data and pushes changes to both sides of the design project.

Industry-proven, Altium-based design engine for layout and routing of printed circuit boards.

Full-featured Altium-based schematic capture tool with extensive drafting capabilities, libraries, and electrical rules.

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface–inspired by SOLIDWORKS–with a consistent editor and use-model between schematic capture and board layout.

A managed Engineering Change Order (ECO) process to and from SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD takes care of design changes including board shape, component placement, mounting holes, and cutouts, which keeps designs in sync.

Visualize the PCB with components inside of the mechanical enclosure to reduce costly prototypes by ensuring that the board and components fit the mechanical enclosures with real-time 3D clearance checking.

Simulate and analyze analog and mixed-signal circuits from within the schematic editor to make design trade-offs and avoid unnecessary design revisions by performing functional validation on designs prior to layout or manufacturing.

Search online supplier databases and link or embed parametric data to your design components to match real-time device parameters, pricing, and availability, putting the most up-to-date information at your fingertips throughout the entire design process to make immediate decisions to meet electrical requirements, budget, and deadlines.

Manage and compare all history and changes made to design files directly and gain greater control over changes made to your design knowing exactly what changes were made and by whom.

Place component parametric data directly from a corporate database, which keeps the components used in your design synchronized with data stored in the database.

Be confident in knowing the exact intent of your mechanical designer with SOLIDWORKS 3D file support that provides the most precise and pure version of component models and enclosures, ensuring that your 3D clearance check process provides a clear picture on board fit.

Take complete control of your design process and understanding exactly what changes were made to your board design and when. Detailed design revision comments allow you to see a clear change history with the ability to accept or reject the changes.

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